kr^shNA nI bEganE

Ragam    : Yamuna Kalyani
Thalam  : Chappu

Composer : Kanaka Dasa
Language   :  Kannada Av:SD2PM2PG3R2S

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Transliteration Scheme

kr^shNa nee bEgane bAro
bEgane bAro mukhavane thOro
(kr^shNa nee bEgane bAro)
charaNam 1
kALalandhige gejje nIladhabANAvuLi 
nilavarNane nATyamAdutha bAro (kr^shNa nee bEgane bAro)
charaNam 2
Odiyalli odigejje beraLalli onggura koraLalli hAkithavayjayanthimAle
(kr^shNa nee bEgane bAro)
charaNam 3
kASi peethAmbara kaiyalli kOLalu puSitha SrIgandha mayalli
chendha (kr^shNa nee bEgane bAro)
charaNam 4
thAyige bAyalli jagavannu thOrida jagadOddhAraka
namma uDuppi SrI kr^shNa (kr^shNa nee bEgane bAro)

Oh, Krishna ! Come quickly; let me see your face ! Oh, One whose hue is as dark as clouds ! Come along fast, wearing anklets on your feet and moving along in rhythmic steps of dance ! Oh, Kanna ! Come running, adorned with the garland of Vyjayanthi in your neck and rings on your fingers and golden girdle on your waist ! Come hastening, oh, Krishna, robed in yellow silk, wearing your bracelets and smeared with incense on your whole body ! Come swiftly, Oh, Sreekrishna of Udppi, uplifter of the Universe, who showed your mother the whole universe in the little mouth of yours!!