nidhichAla sukhamA

rAgam : kalyANi
thALam : chAppu

Composer : Thyagaraja Swamikal
Language :Telugu

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Transliteration Scheme

nidhi chAla sukhamA?
rAmuni sannidhi sEva sukhamA?
nijamuga balku manasA ! (nidhichAla) 

dadhi navanItha kshIramulu ruchiyO?
dASarathhi dhyAna bhajana sudhArasamu ruchiyO?(nidhichAla) 

dama Samamanu gamgA snAnamu sukhamA?
karddama durvishaya kUpa snAnamu sukhamA?
mamathA bandhana yutha narasthuthi sukhamA?
sumathi thyAgarAja nuthuni kIrthana sukhamA? (nidhichAla)

Oh, Mind ! Be honest in making it clear, whether acquisition of material wealth or an
opportunity to be of service to Lord Sri Rama, is more conducive and satisfying ! Milk,
butter and curd on the one side and ambrosia of meditation and worship of Sri Rama on
the other - Which one is a better choice ? Controlling one's senses as good as a dip in
the serene Ganges or enjoyment of worldly pleasures comparable to bathing in a well
having mire and dirt - which is better ? Would it not be a better alternative to sing the
glory of the kindly Lord, as is done by wise ones like Thyagaraja, than engaging in the
flattery of mortals swollen with insolence and deception ?