gOvarddhanagirISam smarAmi

Ragam    : Hindolam
Thalam  : Rupakam
Ar: SG2M1D1N2S

Composer : Mutthuswami Dikshithar
Language   :  Samskritam
Av: SN2D1M1G2S

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Transliteration Scheme

gOvarddhanagirISam smarAmi aniSam
gOpikAmanOharam garvithakamsAdiharam

gOvindanAmasAram gajEndrarakshaNadhIram
kavijana hr^nmandAram kanakajithasuSarIram
raviSaSinayanavilAsam ramaNIyamukhAbhAsam
SivagaNAdi viSvAsam SrIguruguha manOllAsam

I always meditate on the Lord who lifted Govardhana hill. He who adorned the garland of enchantment on the Gopikas, killed the egoistic Kamsa. The courage he has shown to protect the elephant king Gajendra from the mouth of the crocodile was indeed extra-ordinary. He is also called by the name Govinda. To the hearts of poets, He is one who has the serenity of the flower of the coral tree of Heaven. The Lord's body outwits gold in brightness ! His face is extremely charming and eyes are the sun and the moon.! He enjoys the faith of the Sivaganas and he delights Guruguha !